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Become a Group Hacker and Automatically find who is active in groups you choose without wasting time navigating the groups yourself. 

I bet you've heard that Facebook engagement is a reciprocical algorithm.

What does that even mean, right?

Well, reciprocity means you get back what you give.

Think of a swing - push on it and it comes back as strong as you pushed

That's why you hear leaders talking about commenting, reacting, sharing and engaging on other peoples stuff so they engage on yours.

I can tell you that this is definitely true!

I've done it many times to prove that it works.

Anytime I spend 10-30 minutes a day engaging on other people's stuff, a week or 2 later, my posts get 10-100x more engagements.

but, then I stop doing it and my posts are back to crickets!

Then there's the problem of picking the right people to engage on.

Some say, go to groups and answer questions there...

Others say, search for tags or posts that are your target market's interests and engage on those.

Some even say to engage on your friends on their birthday...

Or even randomly choose friends to go check their profiles.

All that is work that I just don't have time to do regularly.

What if there was an easy way to find the best people to engage with?

I've been doing this for a while and I even created a tool to get me a list that is easy to use.

Imagine, you figure out what your best prospect is interested in and what groups they congregate in and find them there.

With the Active Group Users chrome extension, you just need to put the groups in and it finds the active users for you.

No more wasting time going to your friends profiles and seeing they haven't posted in a month (or 2 years) - just go to the profiles of active people.

The best part is that this is going to help you find new friends that you never knew about either!

Imagine never running out of new people to talk to!

Pretty cool, right?

I know you can see lots of possibilities for yourself.

Join the list now to learn how you can win a free lifetime license!

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Reclaim your valuable time from social media!

Instead of manually visiting groups to find active users let Active Group Users find them for you!

Use your time your way instead of being slave to social media!

Never waste time on inactive profiles again!

I used to think that I should check my friends list to visit their profiles.

I was wrong!
Even with over 4000 friends, it's a big waste of time because so many aren't even active!

Grow your Facebook engagement using the reciprocity rule!

If you want people to see your posts, you need to be active otherwise Facebook doesn't even show them.

By visiting profiles of active people on Facebook, your content will be shown to more people.

Here's How Active Group Users
Helps You take control of your time...

  • Step 1: Install The Active Group Users Chrome Extension to become a Group Hacker
You'll receive a link in your email to install the Active Group Users extension into your Chrome browser. It's as simple as clicking one button and then logging in with the email you purchased with!
  • Step 2: Hack the groups by Adding them to list
Find a Facebook group you normally find your target market people in.

Then get the URL and add it to the list of groups.

You can add more Facebook group links.
  • Step 3: Active Group Users gets the active users for you
You're now a Group Hacker!

Click the Start button and let Active Group Users go to each group you asked it to and find the active users.

It then builds a list of the top active users in each group.

Once done, click the View Data button to see the link and visit their profiles.

Get free 14 day trial
to Active Group Users

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