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 Automatically grab comments into an easy to manage format instead of having to wade through thousands of notifications or manually checking your posts every day!

Hey my friend,

Jean-Serge Gagnon here - or you can call me JS... 

I've been posting regularly on social media for the last 5 years to grow my audience.

It's fun but also hard to stay consistent and remember to go check my posts to see if someone new has commented.

Sure, Facebook will usually notify me when they do but as my friend list grew, I started noticing that I wasn't always getting notified of new comments on my posts.

So, I had to start going back to my posts to see if I had new comments to reply to.

Imagine when I started sharing posts to groups!

Having to remember to go check my posts was total torture!

I mean, I have other things to do - why does Facebook not notify me of everything!

How can I get rid of notifications I don't care about?!?

Needless to say, I wish I could control what Facebook did but alas, that's wishful thinking at best!

That's why I decided to create this Chrome Extension.

With Comment Grabber, I can tell it to get the comments for as many posts as I want to manage and they are put at my fingertips to reply to.

With this I can be sure I didn't miss any comments on any of my important posts.

I save a ton of time and can easily schedule time to reply as I see fit.

The best part is that I also can do a lot more with that data like see who is most active or get back to someone later or even do random selections from commenters for prizes and giveaways.

Pretty cool, right?

I know you can see lots of possibilities for yourself.

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Enter To Win A FREE Lifetime License to Comment Grabber
By Joining Our Waitlist Below...

Reclaim your valuable time from social media!

Instead of constantly checking your notifications and going back to your posts, let Comment Grabber get the comments for you.

Use your time your way instead of being slave to social media!

Never miss a comment on your posts again!

I used to think that I'd get notifications anytime anyone commented on my posts.

I was wrong - Facebook decides what is "important" and notifies you of that.

Grab comments from dozens of posts!

You can add as many posts as you want to monitor comments.

Even posts from other people!

Add them and any new comments get gathered for you.

Here's How Comment Grabber Helps You 
take control of your time...

  • Step 1: Install The Comment Grabber Chrome Extension
You'll receive a link in your email to install the Comment Grabber extension into your Chrome browser. It's as simple as clicking one button and then logging in with the email you purchased with!
  • Step 2: Add your Facebook post link(s)
Find a Facebook post you want to grab comments from and enter it in the box to add it.

Then click the GRAB COMMENTS button to have the magic happen.

You can add more Facebook post links as you need to.
  • Step 3: Comment Grabber gets the comments for you
Comment Grabber then goes to each post you asked it to and gets any comments in those posts.

It keeps track of what it hasn't grabbed yet and always gets the newest comments for you.

It includes the link to the posts and the comments so you can easily go add your replies.

Enter To Win A FREE Lifetime License to Comment Grabber
By Joining Our Waitlist Below...

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